i have a dream

Beneath my super-cosy duvet, behind my angelic visage, I was having an uncomfortable dream, as I often do, last night.

My dreams are usually anxiety-processors: I am a naturally anxious person (well, perhaps that is not true, but I have become a person whose first instinct has become anxiety) and my dreams usually involve complicated problems that I am unable to solve or see resolved, or journeys that never get started etc. etc. Last night was the usual fare of an insurmountable quandary with seemingly no way out. In the dream, I suddenly heard myself say to my (anonymous, unfamiliar) dream companion, “Look, we can’t get this sorted while I’m asleep! We’ll deal with it when I wake up.” I woke up a short while later, very surprised at the common sense demonstrated by my usually fully-irrational dream-self. I set to work at once at solving the dream-problem, which, once I began to properly wake up, evaporated into nothingness, presumably going to live with all those other forgotten dream details, in the massive Forgotten Dream Pit.

Thought you should know.


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